We are . . .

"We look forward to serving our Brothers and Sisters in Christ with payment processing services through our partnership with one of most reputable credit card processing companies in the US, Capital Merchant Solutions Inc"

Pastor Leonard L. Miles, Jr.

LenAngel Christian OutReach, is a Christian based organization that has one purpose . . . spreading the WORD OF GOD as far and wide as possible. Our organization is lead by our Senior and Founding Pastor Leonard L. Miles Jr. and his wife Arlene Miles. Pastor Miles has been in the financial consulting field for over thirty years.With his faithful wife, Arlene, they have now expanded the company to include payment processing services for Religious and Non-Profit organizations nationwide, as well as their congregates.

Church Fund Raising has never been so easy when done through low cost credit card processing. LenAngelProcessing.com has developed a great method that will allow religious organizations to refer their members that own businesses to us for their credit card processing services. We guarantee that we will save your members money on their merchant account. Here's the best part, once they start processing credit cards, we will send you a check every month for a portion of the net profits received from their accounts.

For Religious Organizations

As you know, not many people carry cash any longer. We have quickly become a cashless society, and there is a good chance that this is affecting your "collection plate". The good news is that we can help you with this problem. Nearly everyone has a debit card tied to their bank account, and you just need to give them an easy way to access it. We have a few different options available that will help your members contribute with their cards. The easiest method is to automate the entire tithing process through our online payment gateway software by using it's free "recurring billing" option.

Setting up credit card processing for your church will definitely help you with the collection process, but you will be really excited when learn the complete details of our member program. Here's how the program works:

For Business Owners

We have developed a great method for your business to save money and at the same time help your Religious Organization raise funds. LenAngelProcessing.com offers a full range of payment processing solutions. We work with large, small, retail, service, internet, mobile, new, and existing businesses with their payment processing needs.

LenAngel Christian Outreach’s processing partner CMS has been in business for well over 12 years, and has very much become one of the payment processing industries leaders.

We WILL SAVE YOU MONEY on your credit card processing rates. If for some reason we can't save you money, we will make a $100 donation to the organization of your choice!

The Best Part....Once you start processing with us, we will contribute to your Religious Organization a portion of the net profit generated from your merchant account every month! That's right, as long as you are in business, we will send a check to your church every month for a portion of the profit that was generated from your merchant account.

This is a true WIN/WIN situation.

We WILL save you money on your credit card processing fees, and you WILL be helping your religious organization at the same time (costing you less than you are currently paying)!

In addition to credit card processing, LenAngelProcessing.com also offers full range of payment processing services, such as: check guarantee, check conversion, gift cards, merchant advance funding, and much more. Just ask, and we’ll be happy to provide you information.